Meet The Team

If you’d have me to describe ‘business’ in a sentence or two I’d answer with: A tool to accelerate personal growth & the good being done in the world.

If at any point my business doesn’t feel challenging, new & passionate anymore – I did and would change my direction immediately.

A big part of business for me is to be around people who inspire me. Rather than having a big team, being the CEO and only face of the company…

I’d rather have a few trusted people around me willing to take on the same level of responsibility as I do. To live for the same vision as I do – to evoke change.

That’s why all my team members are aligned with the company’s mission, leveraging their own genius to accomplish it. We have gone through every storm together, and continuously will.

Jay Goncalves

COO & Partner
Jay is a former Systems Engineer and High-Performance Coach with experience working in multi-million high-stakes projects. Today he creates and overlooks all the backend Systems and Operations within Influence and Impact coaching, ensuring a smooth client experience while creating long-term partnerships with clients. His zone of genius is transforming abstract concepts into tangible actions in a systemized manner that leverage your knowledge and time while delivering world-class results. He does that using his Backbreak System Thinking process that helps clients overcome problems before they happen.

Simone Gioiello

Client Success Director
Simone Gioiello is our Success “Surgeon”. His superpower is in helping talented coaches to step into their zone of genius by crafting magnetic offers that effortlessly attract highly qualified dream clients. He runs weekly clinics in the CC Founders program and will make sure you can keep staying focused and accountable to your most important goals.

Sergios Dorn

CMO & Conversion Coach

Sergios Dorn is a ex-mariner turned digital nomad, copywriting consultant & marketing strategist.

His zone of genius is in helping our community & clients to move from overcomplicated marketing into UNIFIED, CONVERSION engineered strategies to THRIVE in saturated markets & build PREDICTABLE, lasting client acquisition.

After a financially tough childhood. Sergios dedicated his life to helping type-A entrepreneurs achieve their financial potential & impact the world.

Sam Boyle

Conversion Coach
Sam Boyle is a new Dad, motivated to build business in and around his life, not the other way around. As a LinkedIn marketer and time-management geek, his zone of genius is in helping our community & clients to master the simple daily tasks that produce excellent results in half the time, overcome procrastination and keep the mind calm and balanced while navigating a chaotic world. He does that with is own unique twist on the 5P method and automation. He also spends half his days with his family not distracted by business but supported by it.

Marta Spirk

Conversion Coach
Marta Spirk is a wife, triplet mom, podcaster, empowerment coach & marketing strategist. Her zone of genius is in helping our community & clients to move past perfectionism, impostor syndrome and comparison and into VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY & PROFIT. She does that with her own unique process called engage to serve. She also hosts her own Podcast called The empowered woman which has over 80k downloads by now.

Jordan Wright

Conversion Coach

Jordan Wright is a BREAKTHROUGH Expert… His zone of genius is helping our community to identify their blindspots sabotaging their success and enabling them to break free from their fears, doubts and self-sabotage and tap into their personal power, so that they can scale their business to 6 and 7 figures. After realising that the success of any business comes down to a blend of 80% psychology & 20% strategy, he dedicated his life to helping business owners master their own psychology