Life-changing invitation for growth-minded coaches and consultants

.. who KNOW they need to master the art of messenger marketing to make 2021 a record-breaking year

If there was a 60 min daily task that showed you how to open profitable messenger conversations at will, engage prospects authentically, and naturally pivot into a sales opportunity…

… would you finally feel confident in making fb messenger a PRIMARY lead-gen and sales channel?

Here’s why anything less than an emphatic f-ya is hurting your biz

Everyday with cash-in-hand, your best prospects are engaging with coaches and service providers trying to get their biggest problems solved.

And contrary to popular belief, they’re NOT buying from some fancy-ass funnel, 10 day automated email sequences or value driven social media posts.

They’re buying through intimate conversations.

From coaches and service-providers who’ve doubled down on serving them directly. Without fear. Without hesitation. Without any of the sugar-coated bullsh*t we tell ourselves to avoid what makes us uncomfortable… 

…Like with the latest finger-cross content marketing strategies promising you to get clients falling in your lap magically simply by doing Facebook lives, writing value posts or appearing on podcasts. #RarelyHappens

The bottom line is…

In 2021 and beyond, MORE and MORE business is being done directly via messenger. 

Blue Ocean Bridge

The best way to blast through your fear, discomfort or failure in direct messenger is to create a predictable daily PROTOCOL you can execute without overthinking it…

A protocol that’s based in…

Identifying Dream Clients

Identifying dream clients on social media and getting them on your friends’ list

Conversational Techniques

Proven conversational techniques, frameworks, and “openers” to start profitable conversations at will without feeling like an inauthentic spammer

Conversational Signals

Strategies for recognizing subtle “conversational signals” that tell you when it’s time to pivot the conversation into a sales opportunity without scaring your prospect away.

If you’re ready to master a proven 60 minute protocol that’s guaranteed to 3x your opportunity volume… then it’s my pleasure to invite you to the… 

The 10-Day Power Hour Challenge by Conversation Control

The 10 day power hour challenge is an interactive Done With You challenge built around your specific business.

On a big picture you can follow 2 paths, each one includes a different set of training, game plans & daily goals:

Path to get ready to scale

For every coach, consultant & CC who’s fairly new to business.

Path to get ready to scale

For every coach, consultant & CC who’s fairly new to business.

While you’ll be getting access to a buffet of the worlds best training in regards to messenger, really organic marketing…


– Identifying dream prospects & Messenger-Ready Offer creation

– Stupid simple “Conversation-Generating Content Rotation”

– Tripling your sales by implementing the daily Power Hour

… and a 1:1 coaching call to ensure on-going success.


You’ll also be getting access to live “Over the shoulder” workshops, coaching calls, group implementation sessions, hot seats & frequent Q&A Calls making sure you learn the latest strategies.

We don’t stop there.

We also assign one of my best conversation specialists & in-house coaches to you who’s been working with my higher ticket clients in the trenches day in day out…

Helping you overcome overwhelm and keep your focus on taking the right action over consuming training – only then you’ll leave this challenge with a bright smile on your face, a changed reality & a tool that can generate more business then you can take care off. 

What’s a good challenge without the friendly competition, new friends for life & potential business collabs? You’ll be put into a small group, called war rooms, of brothers and sisters to ensure the most intimate experience inside a winning environment helping you to stay accountable to hit your goals. 

Finally If I fail to keep my promise of 3x your sales calls we don’t want your money & will send you back every penny of your small investment, no questions asked.

You’re ready to 3x your opportunity volume inside the 10-Day Power Hour Challenge if…


You’re a coach, consultant or service-based business that HAS something to sell

Yes, you’ll be getting access to exceptional training on optimizing your “messenger ready offer”… but i feel best in guaranteeing you 3x your opportunity volume if you already feel somewhat confident in your offer — and have had some results in selling it (even if it’s just a few clients).

There will be time to optimize it — but the goal of this conversation is to master the conversational flow that allows you to book calls, engage with prospects, sell your offer at will… and have the evidence and real time data of how your offer can be improved.Not based on “instinct” or “hunches”… but on actual feedback from your prospects.


You know that direct messenger is still a critical lead-gen (and sales) channel for you and your business:

At this point, it’s no longer about whether or not messenger is gonna play a role in your business. It’s about how BIG of a roll it’ll play… and how successful you’ll be in executing it.

This challenge isn’t for those who still need convincing to give ‘messenger a shot”. We’re gonna move too fast over these ten days to coddle non-serving belief structures. 

This challenge is about providing you with the EXPERIENTIAL joy of implementing a 60 minute daily protocol that will prove, in no uncertain terms, how effective, profitable, and enjoyable messenger can be. 


You’re willing to temporarily forget everything you know about cold messenger:

You can shed your PTSD from the last time someone ghosted on you or called you out on being a “spammer”. You can embark on this challenge as a fresh start… leaning into a new methodology… a new process… and a new way of “showing up’ in the inbox in a way that feels authentic, congruent, and deeply aligned with who you are as a coach. 


You’re aware of the 3x your opportunity volume guarantee:

Likewise, we have no interest in keeping your small investment if we fail to deliver on our promise. 

We’re confident in offering this guarantee, because after running 1,000 coaches through the challenge, we can say with total certainty that those who show up and participate fully will…

… open up an average of 100 conversations with well-targeted prospects

… engage in 20-30 active conversations, giving value and building insane rapport

… turning half of those into sales calls without any awkward sh*t.

If you’re willing to lean into the 60 minute power hour protocol… you WILL triple your opportunity volume. Period. 

But most importantly, you’ll have gained a level of control and predictability in your biz that finally makes you feel like you can do this for the long haul, have an incredible lifestyle… and scale your biz when you’re ready.


You’re able to commit 60 minutes per day from Date X to Date Y :

After delivering this challenge to well over 1,000 coaches… the thing we take pride in (almost as much as the insane results)… is the supportive and empowering vibe that we create.

Meaning, we don’t want you to join if you can’t lock in at least 60 minutes per day in your calendar to execute the Power Hour protocol… and be active enough in the group and community to ask questions, gather feedback, and get the support from your coaches. 

We’re asking for a 60 minute time investment each day so that you learn, refine, and master a highly-profitable task in just 10 days. 

A skill that you get to carry with you for the rest of your career as a coach, consultant or a course creator. 

And we simply DON’T want you to enroll in the challenge if you can’t make this small commitment. 

If you’re like the nearly 1,000 coaches who’ve already participated FULLY in the challenge, I’m willing to bet that you can easily find 60 minutes of “wasted space” on your calendar right now to replace it with the Power Hour.

At the end of the day, it’s not about finding more time and adding to your stack; it’s about creating a more optimal flow that’s in line with your goals of growing your revenue.

7 Questions That Your Fellow Coaches Asked Before Joining The Power Hour Challenge

If you’re anything like me you want to lead with integrity. You hate it when people slide into your DM’s asking “How’s the weather like and how’s the business”. 

The messenger situation really is a 2-edged sword. Most coaching companies are plainly teaching you to be a spammer.


And because of it most of your competition doesn’t use messenger at all, or are doing it wrong. 

Which gives us TONS of room to be our most authentic selves, open up conversations with integrity and lead them to a favorable outcome for the both of you. 


At the end of the day we both know that your revenue is directly tied to the number of qualified conversations you’re having with dream prospects. 

So let’s lead as an example and take control over our lead generation by having enjoyable and ethical conversations.

Wanna know the funniest thing about that question? I usually get it from the people who asked question #1.

Kinda confusing. But I get it. Most messenger processes are so annoying that people just want an easy way out. 

Here’s the thing. I won’t do you a disservice of giving you a script.

Instead, you’ll get a contextual Framework that allows you to be your MOST authentic self and actually enjoy the conversations you’re having while DIRECTING them efficiently to a favorable outcome for both parties.

With that being said, you’ll get specific conversations that converted very well, there is some sort of a pattern. 80% of my conversations flow very similarly. 

At the end of the challenge I want you to walk away with the ability to look at a conversation and leverage your situational awareness and behavioral flexibility to convert it smoothly.

The marketing from that business coach really hooked you, huh?

They want you to believe that leads and clients magically fall in your lab with a piece of content. 

Sorry for bringing it to you but those coaches (or their appointment setters) spend more time in messenger than you do. 

I know that… because… I once sold that fantasy myself. Please don’t get mad at me. I’m trying to make good on it. 

They tell you those things because it sells. It pretends to be an easy way out.

Unless you want to change your career path and become an expert copywriter like David Ogilvy, stick to messenger – it gives you control. 

Let me guess it was something like:

1. Provide Value in relevant Facebook Groups
2. Make friends and add at least a 50 a day! (or you’re lazy)
3. Message all of them, minimum 25 a day and simply steer the conversation “towards business”, I’d recommend asking “how’s business these days?”
4. Post “what but not the how” content on your feed

If you felt full of regret and shame after doing that, and others called you out too. I’m feeling ya. Remember how I mentioned that most programs teach you to be a spammer?

I take myself the right to simply answer this question with “YES, it’s going to be different”. And I expect you to believe me.

The system is designed for Facebook but works the same on ALL platforms. If you run into problems transferring the ideas – we’ll help you fix it.

One hour a day of execution over the next 10 days to triple your qualified Leads.

I’d recommend to also join the exclusive, extra coaching calls tho… so maybe 90 minutes.

Legit question. The market you’re working with is incredibly delicate & REQUIRES more intimacy and trust to open up.

Let’s look at it this way. Your perfect client is quietly screaming for help every single day. Their close friends can’t really help since they are not a professional like you are.

They also can’t just publicly complain or share their problem. They have to feel confident inside an intimate environment that makes them open up naturally..

Where else could we build a better environment for that then in messenger? Your perfect client is craving for intimacy. Is craving for the right support.

Inside messenger they have a stress & risk free way to open up. It feels more natural because they don’t have to jump on a call with a stranger right away but can slowly build trust & a relationship over messenger and then when they feel ready book a call with you, they will do it quite naturally.

Messenger is the most powerful tool for you to use.

Client Wins


The Power Hour Challenge is going to be the best challenge you're ever going to join. Period.