Conversation Control, Is Mastery.

Did you know that I spent well over 6-figures to be in “all the programs” & work with “all the coaches?” to find my first business success?

Do I regret it?

Regret is the wrong word. But I wouldn’t do it again.

I was hung up in an educational loop, thinking that something was missing.

Dead wrong.

The only thing missing was depth.

Mastery of the information in my field.

This is why Conversation Control is different than most coaching programs you know.

You get all the information inside our challenge for dirt cheap; you hire us to master the information.

To model me and my people who are incredibly good at “this stuff” so you can get your business ready to scale in the most stress-less way possible.

Conversion Content
Generate pre-sold messenger conversations at will
Effortless Messaging Processes
Naturally turn cold or ongoing messenger conversations into sales within 24 hours or less
Effortless Enrollment
Close high ticket in messanger or on the phone

How Conversation Control Works

There are three things every high performer has in common.


Conversation Control is not about trends or learning tons of new “stuff”. In fact, conversation control is so simple it might bore you. It’s about mastering the process of finding, interacting & converting prospects in messenger in the most authentic & effective way possible.


Conversation Control is driven by clear metrics to get you in a predictable feedback loop that shows you exactly what to do to drive results over & over again.


Control leads to situational awareness & behavioral flexibility – very much like driving a car. Our Conversation Signals™ will tell you exactly where your prospect is at in the conversion process so you naturally know what to do & say to convert a prospect as fast as possible.