Get Your Business Ready to Scale With Predictable Messenger Marketing.

My name is Miles, and I’m here to help you generate profitable messenger conversations at will and convert them into clients effortlessly and naturally.

Where to even begin...

Messenger sales and lead gen has always been my jam.

After personally engaging in or reviewing over 10,000 cold DM conversations, I have no problem declaring my earned, results-driven mastery in it.

In fact, with the help of my team, we have achieved 6-figure months organically just by using direct messages.

This with a Facebook group of 1000 members & my feed – no ads.

But where is the value for you in hearing this? Everyone can pretend these days.

At the end of the day, isn’t the true barometer of a successful coach his/her ability to transfer those results to 1000’s students? To distill his genius in repeatable action steps that any sincere student can follow?

For this exact reason, we have shared our processes with clients of industry-leading coaches like Traffic & funnels, Tribe of buyers, 7-figure selling academy, Eli Wilde, etc…

The Effortless messaging process proves over and over again to be the most authentic and effective organic client acquisition process. Period.

In a span of 6 months, since the launch of the Power Hour Challenge, we’ve equipped over 400 coaches, consultants, and course creators with the tools to create total control of their lead generation.

I sincerely hope that our vast number of testimonials will motivate you to give effortless messaging a shot.

Miles Journey

Miles Journey

Miles with his sister

Miles In the Army

Going Wild

Launching his biz

You may think I grew up in perfect conditions. My dad being a somewhat successful entrepreneur, living in a fancy neighborhood in Zurich.

Diagnosed with ADHD early on made me an outcast in school, trying my hardest to be normal, just like everyone else.

After my mum died when I turned 16 I went on a downward spiral, hating my internship, getting lost in drug abuse trying to escape reality.

Joining the army brought me back on track.

Right before becoming a lieutenant, $300k hit my bank account from an inheritance and the doors to being accepted, seen & heard “felt” opened – I spent it all in a year on partying & “showing off”.

Lost in depression brought me to Paris.

I felt accomplished for the first time working as a promoter – bringing girls to the club. I was one of the best, making good money because I understood the power of social media, especially messenger DM’s to connect with girls intimately.

Still being unhappy, lost in heavy alcohol abuse but the burning potential to be better introduced me to spirituality & using my messenger skills as an online marketer.

Our Philosophy

The well-known high-ticket client acquisition model is broken. It lacks integrity on all ends.

In its effort to scale & automate, more specific coaching has lost its core values – to care about its clients and prospects.

These days it’s a standard being burned at least once from a coaching opportunity. ROI success rates of less than 10-15% in a high ticket program are just not acceptable.

My mission is to bring back what we’ve lost. Rather than chasing quantity, bigger communities, bigger email lists & the numbers game…

We create processes driving on intimacy, the quality of relationships & sustainability. We have found that those processes outrun the old model in any case.